If you live in Delaware and have a record in ChexSystems, you may feel limited in your options for getting approved for a traditional checking account. Not having a checking account can be costly and time-consuming. You have to manually cash paychecks, find an ATM to get money out, and rely on fee-heavy products like prepaid debit cards for shopping online.

But you could avoid all that with a non-ChexSystems or second chance checking account.

It is possible to find a bank or credit union that’s willing to work with you, despite any past financial mistakes that still show up in ChexSystems. With both local financial institutions and online alternatives available, it may not be as hard as you think to qualify for a checking account.

Get started by reviewing this comprehensive list of options throughout Delaware so you can take advantage of the freedom and convenience that comes with a fresh checking account.

BBVA Compass ClearConnect Checking

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on BBVA Compass' secure website

Open your online checking account with just a $25 deposit with ClearConnect Checking from BBVA Compass. Unlike many other second chance checking accounts, this bank doesn’t look at ChexSystems and doesn’t charge a monthly fee. After the account is open, you don’t even need to worry about keeping a certain minimum balance.

Another benefit is that you get all the modern features you’d expect with a regular checking account, including online banking and mobile banking with remote check deposit. You’ll automatically get a free Visa debit card that you can use to get cash from over 55,000 fee-free ATMs in the Allpoint and BBVA Compass networks. There’s also a Simple Cash Back rewards program that earns you money each time you use your debit card.

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Chime Bank

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Chime Bank is another online option available in Delaware. It’s unique in that you can access and manage your checking account entirely through their mobile app. There’s no monthly fee and no minimum balance either. If you get your paychecks or other income through direct deposit, you can enroll with Chime and get those funds available in your account two day sooner than usual.

The app sends you daily alerts to help you keep track of your balance and transactions. Chime Bank also allows you to open a free savings account and link it to your checking. You can opt to automate savings by rounding up each debit card purchase to the next dollar. You’ll quickly see your funds grow as that change automatically transfers to your savings account.

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Del-One Credit Union

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Even if you have certain ChexSystems entries, you could still get approved for a checking account with Del-One Credit Union. To qualify, you can only have one bank reported on your record and the outstanding charges must have been paid at least 12 months ago. You also can’t have any record of fraud in order to get approved.

Del-One’s Regular Checking account has no monthly fee or minimum balance, but you can earn interest on balances of $500 or more. You need just $5 as your opening deposit to get started. The account comes with both a debit card and unlimited check writing, plus online and mobile banking.

To become a member of Del-One Credit Union, you must live, work, or worship in Georgetown, Milford, Newark, Wilmington, or West Dover, Delaware. Branch locations can be found in Dover, Wilmington, New Castle, Georgetown, Smyrna, Dagsboro, West Dover, Seaford, Milford, and Newark.

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Fort Sill National Bank

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Fort Sill National Bank doesn’t use ChexSystems or Telecheck, so you could very likely get approved for a checking account with them. Look at their Basic Checking option, which doesn’t require direct deposit and only takes a $5 opening deposit. There’s only a fee if your balance falls below $75, which is then $5.50 each month.

Account benefits include interest accrual when your balance hits $500, no credit check, a check card, and unlimited check writing. You can also opt into Savings Round-Up to automate your savings process. FSNB branches are usually found in Walmart stores. In Delaware, you’ll find locations in Dover and Camden.

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Wells Fargo

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With branches across the state of Delaware, it’s easy to find a Wells Fargo to manage your account. If you can’t get approved for a regular checking account, you could qualify for their Opportunity Checking. This account operates like a normal one, offering features such as a debit card, checks, mobile banking, and online banking and bill pay.

It does come with a $10 monthly fee but most people get it waived each month by qualifying in one of the following ways:

  • Make 10+ debit transactions monthly
  • Sign up for $500+ in direct deposit
  • Maintain $1,500+ daily balance

Wells Fargo helps you stay on top of your finances by offering the “My Spending Report with Budget Watch” tool for free. You can also open up an Opportunity Savings account for automatic transfers between accounts.

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