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Our Privacy Policy Explained

Below you’ll find a full and transparent explanation of’s Privacy Policy. In it, you’ll find that we have specifically outlined how we collect your information through the website, as well as how it is used.

You’ll also find details on our security practices, which help to ensure your privacy is kept safe throughout the website. Finally, you’ll find our contact information in the event you wish to reach out with any questions or comments regarding the details of’s Privacy Policy or any other matters.

How We Gather Information

The details of this Privacy Policy apply to information submitted throughout the website. If you choose to register on any of these pages, you may submit your name and an email address, which are collected and stored with

Log Files

It is common practice for websites to utilize log files, and is no different. What information is included in a log file?

We collect IP addresses, browser types, Internet Service Providers, referral or exit pages, and date and time stamps. Additionally, may track clicks throughout the website, which helps us to analyze trends, and demographic information.

None of this information is personally identifiable. It is simply used to help improve site navigation and inform our content strategy to create a better user experience for you.

Web Beacons and Cookies

Cookies, which are small text files, are used to store data on the preferences of specific visitors, as well as record information regarding the pages you visit on Cookies also enable us to customize parts of the page’s content based on information that is sent from your browser.

At, we use two types of cookies. The first is Session Cookies, which focuses on the way users like you navigate our website. The second type is Persistent Cookies, which track follow-up visits when you return to the website.

Partnerships with Advertisers

Other cookies and web beacons included on the website are used by our advertising partners. You may also see other ad servers from third parties such as ad networks throughout

These affiliates receive your IP address. These third-party advertisers are not related to and we do not have any control or access related to them. You may visit each company’s individual privacy policy to find out information on how they use your data and how you can opt out. To disable cookies, you can access your setting details directly through your browser.

How Your Information is Used

If we ever plan to use your information that is personally identifiable in a way that is different from we just discussed, you’ll have an opportunity to opt out before anything is initiated. Otherwise, all unrelated uses by are prohibited.

Additionally, when we receive emails, we answer with return addresses. This means they can’t be shared externally because they’re only used for responses. Feel free to register with to post in forums or on threads. We’ll also send you up-to-date information on our products and services. You will only receive this information if you submit a registration form through

Data Security has implemented several safety measures to help with data security. These measures are designed to prevent unauthorized access to the website and keep up with accurate data. Still, we ask that you use at your own risk, as no security measures are 100% failsafe.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee that despite these safeguards, your information is not accessed, disclosed, or deleted.

Additionally, we do not allow for website visitors at to be under 13 years of age, and we do not collect data on children under this age limit. If we inadvertently do so, we delete the information as soon as it is discovered.

Privacy Policy Changes may make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time. If this happens, you’ll see a notice outlining the specific changes so that you understand how information is collected and used throughout Alternatively, we may also email you with details about the changes. For material changes, you must accept them within 30 days of being notified. Acceptance is not required for immaterial changes.

If is acquired or merged with another website or company, the collected data may be transferred to the new corporation.

Get In Touch

Questions, comments, or concerns? We’re always happy to hear from readers. You may contact us regarding this Privacy Policy anytime at your convenience. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible with a response.