About Us

LetMeBank is devoted to helping people with all types of financial history get into the banking system, whether it’s for the first time ever or after a period of being unbanked for whatever reason.

Our fully customizable bank finder tool matches you with banks and credit unions offering checking and savings accounts with either no checks from ChexSystems or credit bureaus or those that offer second chance accounts.

Including your state helps you get the most accurate, personalized results out there so you have the best chance of getting approved for the banking account you need. It’s an incredible system that we’re proud to offer our readers for free.

Plus, we are constantly updating our research, so even if you’ve had trouble finding a matching bank in the past, you can come back at a later time to see if any new banks or credit unions have been added. Our content is constantly getting better and more comprehensive to truly benefit our readers.

LetMeBank also posts tons of helpful resources for people who currently have or have previously had issues with banks. We discuss important topics like how to handle negative entries on your ChexSystems report, how to rebuild your credit history, and what to do if your checking account is frozen.

Keep checking back for new content added regularly so you can continue to manage your checking and financial records in the best way possible.

Our Values

As we continue to expand our online resources, LetMeBank.com remains committed to providing useful information that helps you navigate your checking and banking journey. We value full transparency in our research and recommendations, all of which are aimed at helping you make an informed decision on your path to financial recovery.

We’re also committed to getting you reliable information that you actually need. Do you hate searching for financial advice online, only to find that the recommended resources contain very little information that’s actually helpful? So do we.

That’s why each piece our team writes truly focuses in on the bottom line from a reader’s perspective — and no one else’s. We put ourselves in your shoes to provide useful content that helps you take the next step in your journey.

Plus, you’ll find everything in an easy-to-understand format so that you walk away understanding exactly what you just read. Our goal is to become your go-to resource for all of your checking and banking questions.

At LetMeBank, we’re also transparent when it comes to how we work with our partners, affiliates, and other third-party services. Our relationships and decisions are always built on the foundation of creating a quality online community. This has always been our priority and remains so today.

As a leader in the checking and banking space online, we’re proud of the work we do in creating a resource with partners that share our values. The banking industry is one that requires a lot of trust — after all, it’s a tool for handling your money. We stay true to that premise with all of our recommendations.

Getting Started on LetMeBank

New to LetMeBank? Welcome!

Here are some of our favorite resources to help you get started.

If you’re seeking general advice on how to manage your checking account or deal with your ChexSystems history, then start by browsing our blog. We have plenty of in-depth posts on how to start fresh in banking regardless of where you stand today.

Are you looking for a checking account that either doesn’t require a ChexSystems review or offers a second chance option? Try our account locator that provides personalized recommendations on exactly the account you’re looking for in the state in which you live.

Not only is this tool free, it also doesn’t require an email address. Just a few clicks and you gain instant access to a comprehensive listing of second chance and non-ChexSystems banks in your state.

You’ll find a direct link to the right banks and credit unions, as well as a summary of what to expect from their product offerings. And you’ll never have to worry about spammy emails from us because we always respect your privacy (and your inbox).

Get Empowered to Move on from ChexSystems

At LetMeBank.com, we truly believe that today is a new day.

We encourage all of our readers to remember that regardless of what experiences you’ve had relating to your checking and banking, it doesn’t need to be a part of your identity today. Get started by taking actionable steps to repair your checking history, whether it’s by removing negative records from ChexSystems or finding an account that works for you.

Then, start thinking about how you can adjust some of your habits today to set yourself up for a more successful tomorrow. We’re committed to educating our readers throughout this process.

The best way to start is by exploring our online resources to learn more about how your banking history is tracked and distributed to financial institutions. Find out the difference between ChexSystems, Telecheck, and Early Warning System when just getting started.

From there, you’ll have the knowledge needed to find out where your current records stand and what you can do to improve your situation. In some cases, you may simply need to wait. In others, you may be able to proactively improve your banking records by following a few simple steps.

Empowering yourself feels good, doesn’t it?

Either way, the fact is that you have options. Use LetMeBank.com to help you weigh the pros and cons of each choice so you can start living your best banking life right now.

It’s never too late.

We’re excited to be a part of your journey as you work to improve your checking experience and start reaping the benefits of having a positive bank account.

Welcome to the LetMeBank.com family. We’re glad you’re here!