Tips for Saving Money on Monthly Expenses

The recession is affecting everybody at this point. People cut the home phone, cable bill, internet, cell phone, or extras in the attempts to cut expenses. The problem is this further hurts the economy, not to mention a person has to learn to do without something. After getting tired of living with no television and griping at my husband every time he used his cell phone, I decided to try and find ways to save some money and be able to loosen up a bit with monthly expenses.
Tips for Saving Money on Monthly Expenses

The first thing to consider is getting a bulk package for television, phone and internet. Verizon Fios is offering a $99 rate guaranteed up to two years for all three, as well as giving $150 cash back. Other competitors match this price or beat it so look to do this if you need all three services. We ended up saving $20 a month by doing the bulk package and gladly spent our $150 sign-on bonus! Even if you are in a contract, your current provider might decide to match the deal to keep you as a happy customer or offer to put your account on suspension for a set number of months (at no charge).

Secondly, look at your cell phone provider and see if your employer makes you eligible for a discount. If your family is on separate providers, bulk them together to get the family rate as well as get the employer discount on the entire bill. This saved us $15 a month- and they threw in free limited texting for one of the phones! This discount can come in handy as well for the purchase of cell phones and accessories since the discount carries over.

Other ways to cut expenses is to increase the premiums on your insurance policies. Whether for automobile or home, there are ways to save a couple of dollars a month by increasing the premium. Again group the policies under one company to qualify for a discount for using them for more than one insurance need. Lastly if you drive less than the 12,000 miles a year, tell this to your insurance so you are only billed for the amount of miles that you actually drive. Between all of this, we saved $25 a month! Further your discount further if your insurance company offers a safe driver discount or discounts your annual policy if you attend traffic school.

If you do this through all of your personal monthly expenses, you might be surprised with just how much money you can save. Buy generic food instead of name-brand at the grocery store. Check the weekly circulars to figure out what is on sale where and plan on making trips to different grocery stores to take advantage of the sales. Clip coupons and use them on things you were going to buy anyways. Even emailing companies might get them to send you coupons. I got $10 towards light bulbs as well as $10 in free baby food (plus other coupons) when I wrote to the companies to let them know how much I purchase and would appreciate if they could mail me some coupons.

If you're willing to put in a little time, you can cut expenses in your everyday life. After all was said and done, I was able to add over $100 back into my pocket each month. Since I had no money to stock towards savings before, I was able to finally stash away money into the emergency fund I so desperately needed to establish. Just keep your eyes peeled for deals, see if stores will match competitors when purchasing items, call companies to get a bulk package or see if they can offer you any type of discount, and shop wisely. All this will begin to add money back into your pocket so you don't have to cut all the luxuries out of life!

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