Tips for Making Money from Credit Card Bill Auto-Pay

Credit card holders who have maintained a good credit history and are disciplined when it comes their budgeting and spending habits, can profit from using their credit cards to pay their reoccurring bills. But the long list of benefits from using credit card auto-pay can be easily compromised by failing to avoid several common pitfalls.
Tips for Making Money from Credit Card Bill Auto-Pay

What Are Some Benefits of Using Credit Cards to Pay off Bills?

With a little know-how and forethought, responsible credit card holders can actually profit from using their credit cards for automatic bill payment. Here are a few tips and examples:

  • Card holders should choose a credit card that offers them a good cash back, flier miles, or any other bonus rewards program. Every time a bill is paid with the card, it will be regarded as a purchase, thus allowing the card holder to collect valuable money, merchandise, or services later on.
  • Card holders can earn interest on the money that will be used to pay their bills by keeping these funds in an interest-bearing account during the credit card's grace period.
  • By using credit card auto-pay, card holders can temporarily push off paying for bills at times when money is unavailable. This will give their cash flow an added level of flexibility that can help avoid past-due fees, overdraft fees, and bounced checks.
  • By setting up automatic bill payments, credit card holders will ensure that their bills will always be paid on time and avoid costly late payment fees and interest.
  • By using a credit card to pay off a bill, it makes it easier to dispute a charge for goods or services and have a credit card account re-credited.
  • Responsible card holders can build and maintain their credit rating through automatic bill payments in three ways: by paying their bills on time, by paying off their credit card balances in full every month, and simply by keeping the credit card account active.
  • With credit card automatic bill payments, card holders can save money on postage and checks and can save themselves the time needed to complete and record the transactions each month.

What Are the Dangers and Pitfalls of Using Credit Cards to Automatically Pay Bills?

Using credit card auto-payment for bills will only be effective when it is handled responsibly. It goes without saying, that any card holders who are having trouble paying off their credit card balances each month will not profit from this practice due to the interest and late fees they will incur on their credit card accounts. But for those who are able to create and stick to a budget and are not struggling to fulfill their financial obligations, there are still several common pitfalls to watch out for when paying bills by credit card:

  • The first important pitfall that card holders should avoid is to stop paying attention to their monthly bills. Card holders should make sure they are still consistently reviewing their billing statements so that any mistakes, confusions, or outright frauds will be caught. In particular, some companies will charge an additional fee when a credit card is used to pay off the debt. This will obviously, cut into any profits, so paying such bills with a card should be avoided.
  • Card holders should also try to keep a separate credit card account that will be used solely to pay off monthly bills. This will minimize the costly hassle associated with credit card theft.
  • Along the same lines, since information is being given out in many difference places, card holders should look for a credit card that offers good fraud protection. They should also take what ever other precautions they can, such as giving out account information only over secure websites.

In short, there are many ways to profit from using a good rewards or cash back credit card to pay off reoccurring bills. But these profits will only exist as long as the process is handled with responsibility and caution.

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