Piggy Banks: Start Feeding Your Piggy Again

Maybe your parents gave you a piggy bank when you were little to teach you good money habits. It was that ceramic pink little pig with the baby blue eyes and cute little smile that welcomed your loose change at the end of every day or after mom or dad found your change in the pockets of your washed shorts. Those days might be gone but the habit of using that piggy bank for saving money does not have to be!
Piggy Banks: Start Feeding Your Piggy Again

Change on the Loose

Think about it. Where do you throw that loose change at the end of every day? In an old beer mug? Perhaps at the bottom of your purse or into the back pocket of your jeans where, just like when your little, it might end up in the wash? Why not put it into a piggy bank? Now it sounds childish but remember that sense of pride when you put your coins into the back of your piggy bank and shook it, just to hear the sweet sound of saving? Why not bring that feeling back?

Take Your Piggy to the Grocery

A piggy bank can be fun. Instead of unceremoniously throwing your loose change here and there think instead about using a piggy bank until you are ready to take it to the nearby bank or nearest grocery store to see your change add up into dollars.

Many grocery stores around the United States have Coinstars, or machines that convert your loose change into dollar bills at a cost of 9.8 cents per dollar that adds up. In fact, according to Coinstar (1), "The average US household has about $90.00 of spare change just sitting around".

That's a lot considering you are just looking at spare change! The easiest way to find these money machines is to head to the their website and locate a store nearest to you.

Purchasing the Right Piggy

There are many online stores that can help you get excited about buying a piggy bank once more. Such stores as The Pig Pen offer hand painted piggy banks. PersonaliozedPiggy Banks.com also offers piggy banks hand painted with an array of designs to choose from. Or, if you feel like making your own piggy bank,many hobby shops such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels can provide you with ones to decorate on your own.

Okay, so the point here is the fun a piggy bank offers in order to encourage a great money habit, saving. Everyone knows savings are important. But then why does this important money tactic so often fall by the wayside? Why is it that so many of us into adulthood have lost that sense of pride when it comes to putting our hard earned twenty five cents into the back of our piggy?

Giving Your Loose Change a Chance to Grow

Maybe if we could once more learn to put our twenty five cents, three cents, five cents, eighty cents, whatever the amount, back into the piggy bank we could once again reinstall the habits of saving, knowing that every little bit counts.

Often the only money we are concerned with come in the forms of those five dollar Lincolns, one dollar Washingtons, and those hundred dollar Franklins. But just imagine if we could honor equally Mr.Lincoln on the penny, Mr. Roosevelt on the ten cent, and Mr. Jefferson on the nickel? We would be only contributing to our income. It might not be much, at first, but change has a great way of adding up when given the chance.

Piggy Bank or Not, Save Save Save

Piggy banks aren't the only way to save. Perhaps that beer mug suits you just fine or you like finding your loose change in the washer when all is said and done. No problems there! As long as you here the clank of your pennies and dimes hitting each other when they get saved somewhere, then you know you are treating your loose change correctly.

Just remember a piggy bank is there to serve one purpose in life: it doesn't wash your cloths or hold your delicious cold beverage, it only holds your precious change and it is good at fulfilling its duties. So think about investing in a piggy bank once again or pull your childhood one out of your closet. Seeing it there everyday on your desk might just inspire you to start throwing your loose change in its back once more. The next thing you know you will be on your way to the nearest Coinstar or bank collecting the dollars you deserve for practicing one of the smartest money tactics we all know we should practice a little more of: Saving.

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