Non ChexSystems Banks & Credit Unions in Oklahoma

While it is frustrating to discover you are listed in ChexSystems, it does not need to put a damper on your financial life. If you apply for any of our recommended non-ChexSystems accounts, you could be approved quickly. Soon, you will have your new checking or savings account and be ready to receive payments and make purchases!

The following banks and credit unions offer excellent features and benefits. While we recommend them, they are not our top picks for the simple reason that they are not guaranteed banks. They have however helped a lot of people, and may be able to help you too.


They do not use ChexSystems or TeleCheck. Most people are still being approved.

Credit Union One of Oklahoma

Credit Union One uses TeleCheck and Equifax. You must have a score of 560 or higher to be a member. They do not use ChexSystems.

MTC Federal Credit Union

They do not do any credit checks to open a checking account.

City National Bank & Trust

They do not currently use ChexSystems or credit checks as requirements to open an account.