Guerrilla Money Saving Tips: Easy Tips That Everyone Can Use to Save Money

Money saving tips abound on the web, in magazines and on television. However, every tip has yet to be explored and there are a few, very obvious ones, that some just don't think about. People are often surprised to discover the following unique money saving tips and just how easy they are to implement in everyday life.
Guerrilla Money Saving Tips: Easy Tips That Everyone Can Use to Save Money

Saving Change for a Change

Save spare change for an entire year and then take all of it to a nearby Coinstar machine. To avoid the fee assessed for counting this change and turning it in to paper money, request to be paid in the form of a gift certificate. Many useful gift certificates are offered that can then be used for purchasing necessities.

Don't Buy Anything New

Make a firm decision to only shop at thrift stores, consignment stores and garage sales for a set period of time. Many of the items that one would likely spend a fortune on can be found at a fraction of the cost when purchased used. A lot of people will use an item once or twice before storing it away to collect dust. When an individual decides that the extra space is needed in their home or that someone else can get some use out of their gently used items, people on a budget quest can find really great deals.

Don't Add to or Update a Wardrobe for an Entire Year

One of the best money saving tips involves going an entire year without buying new clothes. Instead, people who are serious about saving can find new ways to spruce up an existing wardrobe by making minor alterations or mixing and matching pieces to create new outfits. What is often discovered after a year of doing this is that most people have more than enough clothes to last another year and that they have learned to curtail impulse spending.

Water Please

When dining out, make it a habit to only drink water with meals. Not does this help in avoiding dehydration and the extra calories present in soft drinks, but this practice actually manages to shave a few extra dollars off of what would ordinarily be spent while dining out. Remember not to stop there, however, but take the money that would have spent and create a special jar to deposit the money saved.

Kids Can Get in on the Money Saving Act, Too

Teach children that money received on birthdays and Christmas is not for spending, but for saving. Establish an account just for them and show them how to grow their money.


Freecycle is an organization that works to reduce waste by encouraging members to give usable items to others within the Freecycle network instead of throwing items away where they will eventually end up in a landfill. Joining a local Freecycle organization is easy. It is also a great way of sharing gently used items with others who are looking for ways of saving money, as well as receiving useful items that are in good condition.

Ask for Compensation

When cellphone companies or Internet providers experience an outage, customers can and should call and request to be compensated for the inconvenience. Along with an apology, most companies will not hesitate to credit a loyal customer's account. People who are serious about implementing these ways of saving money should not stop at merely being satisfied at reducing their next bill, but should actually take the amount saved and deposit it in a savings account right away even if it's only a few dollars.

Ask for a Discount

Often, items are damaged during transporting them to a store or simply by being handled while on display. A missing button, a barely noticeable snag in a shirt's fabric or even an opened package can result in a big savings if a person isn't afraid to ask for a discount. If the cashier is unable to extend a discount, it is a good idea to politely ask for the manager on duty and explain to that person why it is believed that a discount should be given. If it is clear that the item is in less then perfect condition, it is very likely that a person will be granted a discount.

Money saving tips for every day life are everywhere. Not only do they increase savings, but many of them also help the environment and should be seriously considered. Over time, people have discovered that these unconventional ideas are valuable and can provide extra money to spend or invest wisely in the future.

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