Getting a Copy of My Credit Report & Credit Report Score Was Easy

After going through the process I was surprised how easy it was even for someone like me, who isn’t the most educated when it comes to personal finances and managing their money. It was pretty easy. I decided to do this more or less as an experiment to see if I could learn anything about my credit score and to see if I could improve it. Here is what I found.
Getting a Copy of My Credit Report & Credit Report Score Was Easy

First I Needed to Get a Copy of All 3 Credit Reports & Scores. From the 3 Credit Reporting Agencies

I found out that I can obtain all 3 credit reports from three main credit agencies once a year. I can check my yearly credit report for everything I have done financially in the last decade. They are easy to understand instructions throughout the process. You can view your credit score and all three credit reports from the three credit reporting agencies through one central site that works with all three agencies, You can get a credit report online by phone or mail.

These reports from the three credit reporting agencies, Experian ,Equifax and Transunion are easy to read and come with instructions on how to view credit reports online, improve credit reports and give information on credit report identity theft. All three credit reports provide all the information a third party lender would see, like a bank where you applied for your last car loan. It also provides information to you that a third party cannot see, like any medical account information which is hidden from third party users of consumer reports. They ensure safe online transactions and encrypt the information you provide on the online forms.

I Was Able to Check My Credit Reports for Errors & Clean Up Credit Report Mistakes

I was able to dispute one or two things I found on my report that had nothing to do with me. Once you fill out the form they are investigated immediately by the credit reporting agencies. They issue you a confirmation number and assure you will have an answer within 30 days. If you see something suspicious, you can place a fraud alert on your report to let potential creditors know that you could be the victim of identity theft.

There was one catch after I was able to check all 3 credit reports. I had to buy my credit report scores. To see my credit score, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion wanted $7.95 for each score from each of the agencies (TransUnion now offers the credit score for free). After seeing all three credit reports, I forked over the money happily and saw what I really wanted to see, my credit scores. The final cost for the venture was $15.90 (I did not order the score from TransUnion). Otherwise it would have cost an additional $7.95.

Three in One Credit Report-All Three Credit Reports And All Three Credit Scores

I then used the company, a popular credit reporting company that advertises on TV. They checked all three of my credit reports, and they gave me the same information but with all 3 credit scores from all three credit agencies for one dollar. Of course there's a catch. This is to lure you into their monthly membership that costs $19.95 a month. You have to sign up for the credit monitoring membership for $1.00 to get the free reports and the scores. Within seven days you have to cancel or you’re stuck with $19.95 on your credit card.

I was able to get a copies of my credit reports online without a credit card. I used a debit card. I was really impressed. Since each credit agency scores you differently, you need to know each score and see all three credit reports. With I was able to check my credit reports, all three at one time, with the scores instantly. No drum rolls. No commercials. The best part about it was, when I went to cancel the free trial membership, I was able to do it on their site without phoning them like some other places make you do. It was definitely worth the experiment. I am now going to clean up my credit report. I would recommend everybody get their credit report and credit report score. Fix your credit report if needed. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. You might be surprised at what you find.

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